The current issue of the book has been retired.

’420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’ issue of Michaels Lyric is now out of print.  The release of the next issue is tentatively scheduled for the first half of this year.

Happy New Year )

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This is my yearly update…lol.  And there is not much to say.  Again, just updated the domain name.  I’m not sure why.  And the next issue of the book, again, am not sure why or when…  So, that’s it.

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Happy Holidays!

Be you… dream big… and don’t forget to have fun… : )

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No news is good news?

Well, I just extended domain for another year.  Hmm, nothing exciting.  I do find it to be challenging to keep myself inspired to continue the book.  I do have another project going, but it’s too early to talk about it.  So, yeah… this briefing is over, unless anyone has questions…

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A BIG appreciation to everyone that purchased my book!!!

Thank you, everyone, for purchasing my book through Amazon, Kindle, and other channels!  I am very pleased with all the sales!  As you know, this book represents an incredible journey, a unique look into human experience.  I have a good news, as always.  The journey continues.  The last nine pieces that you heard on audio, those pieces will go in to the next book as part of a third chapter.  One again, thank you for joining me in this adventure!  Love will always be, our expansion will always be incomplete, our quest will continue…

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Check it out:

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Matt Park, performing Day Dreaming

Matt Park, performing Day Dreaming

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