“Secrets” of Self Publishing, Part 1

First of all, let’s get something in a clear, there are no secrets. No more! Internet killed that, with a not-so-secret weapon, Google. There is only mystery that’s left, and that’s mostly for romantic purposes. So, how do you self-publish?? Easy. Type ” self publish” and whatever you want to publish (book, music, video, etc.) into Google search engine. Chances are, two sites will come up…



There are three main stages to publishing; manufacturing, distribution, promotion. The two sites I just mentioned will handle most of your manufacturing and distribution needs, for free or almost for free! Yes, your masterpiece will be distributed throughout the appropriate outlets, within just a few days. Those two sites can even handle some of the promotion, for you…

But, we will talk about promotion in another post. So, if you want to do something but keep saying that you don’t know how, that is just an excuse to be lazy. Get on that Google and start searching for what you want to accomplish. No limits, no boundaries! Knowledge is free and available.



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