“Secrets” of Self Publishing, Part 2

In the first part, I talked about 2 websites that can manufacture and distribute you books, music, and almost anything your beautiful mind can conjure up. Your mind should also remember that distribution means placement with a media library such as; Amazon Books, Itunes, and many others. Distribution into physical stores (where some level of exposure for your masterpiece would be guaranteed, just by people walking by it) was always for the few and the privileged, and now even more so, with the digital movement. That brings us to the topic of PROMOTION…

If you are an artist of any kind, you probably want fans. Now it is more important than ever, because your creation on Itunes or Amazon, no matter how brilliant it might be, it is just a bunch of computer code that is sitting on some serial numbered server that is in some warehouse. For someone to experience it or to purchase it, they have to search for you. If nobody knows you, how can anyone search for you?? Sure, you can pay someone like Reverbnation, or even Google to help you get new fans. But with major record labels and book publishers shelling out hundreds of millions for promotion, do you really think that a couple hundred a month is going to do much? All of this does not sound good for independent artists… But, there is true and tried way of finding fans for you work…

A site like Soundcloud and others like it, those are good for adding another dimension to promotion of your music. For writers and poets, there are also many online communities for sharing and promoting you work. However, do not spend most of your time clicking away. Get out there, outside, away from the screen! Perform live, do readings, join groups. That’s the true and tried way of getting real fans, when you can feed off live energy, and they can feel yours. Also, network, network, network, but do it cleverly, not like a telemarketer. Everyone has dreams, be mindful of that.

Now go, connect! Show the world just how brilliant you are!!


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