Insidious presents…..


Cost of productions, what’s your worth in these cattle auctions?
Make no assumptions.  It’s all calculated, like the futures options.
Art as business function, it makes no cents without culture corruption.
Consumption, consumption, and I am so fed up that I vomit with “no comment.”
Despite famous tales, the king wears a plush, righteous garment.
Agreed in a summit, disarm them with scarcity, reward for obedience,
isolate the few screaming, no one will hear their experience.
Brilliance is hindrance, and ignorance is bliss in a world controlled by profiteers.
As my exit nears, my acceptance of humans grows like an insidious disease.
From a larger perspective, there are no sins.  Survival systems, can you stomach when other bleeds?
And yes, I still smoke trees, as I twitch from convulsions caused by gainful creeds.
A scarecrow, stitched with emotions of pop culture treats, I bobble my head in the ill-weather winds.
Most frequencies are too low in these fields, so food for the worms it yields.
I take peels and peels off what used to be me, what used to be I.
Do I really want to be free, ’cause I can’t remember what lies beyond this sky?
And so, just to feel alive, with eyes wide open, I continue to die.”

Michaels Lyric®


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