Starscapes (All The Shinies) presents…..

Starscapes (All The Shinies)

I think that I remember you, however much my human memory can hold.
From outside, I’m looking into blue, so curious, so unafraid and bold.
So new and yet, so old, I’m mesmerized by sweet and sticky, earthly vibes.
You guaranteed that I’ll survive, but I had not a clue what will become of me.
And yes, I am alive but feels like years of light away from where I want to be.
They beckon me, the starry fields.  Their tones of light, somehow imbedded into me.
The subatomic sea, it’s weaved and crafted into nature that is I.
By absolute design, a love that’s unconditional is turned into free will.
With all the senses, I became so deaf and blind, so dense to what is really real.
It’s subtle and surreal, the song of starscapes, through my spine I feel.
The sound of no fear, it warms and tears me up with beauty, almost too painful to comprehend.
Please hold my hand, as I expand and reconnect into the wisdom of black holes.
Amidst Intergalactic shores, the vastness of our love astounds.
Unstoppable Creation glows and grows, imaginary are all bounds.
From titles and their crowns, I break away through crack within subconscious mind.
And then I know that all the shinnies, they’re with my soul entwined.”

Michaels Lyric®

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