What is the point of all this?

It’s not about money. My original plan was to give 100% of the profits to UCP of Sacramento, but the circumstances do not allow me to do that. So that is why I decided to make no money from the sales of my current book. I would give it away, for free, but at this time, I do not have such resources. At this price of approximately $6.00, only Amazon makes profit. Bless them, Amazon.com provide an incredibly valuable services. I could not have done without them and their partners, CreateSpace. I am here to create and share, that’s all I want… It’s about dreams, not profit. So please, visit MichaelsLyric.com and catch one of the most unique books to ever be created.



Station: Earth

“Is my train leaving or coming? I try not to decide.
But I can’t even jump on it, maybe derailed fate will give me a ride.
My tracks are so way off ground, they can track me for lightyears.
Lyrics that rip through dark matter, imprinting black holes with these starfields.
Light that’s so dense, opened my eyelids, and now, I reflect these stellar bars.
Electromagnetic, my heartbleeds, body of words with reality scars.
Heart feels on a pause, sends its love with each unconditional beat.”

Update on both Contests

Michaels Lyric (Flow Of Illuminati)

This contest is for their current version. The deadline is on September 25th.


Michaels Lyric (420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars)

This contest is for the original, the out of print Paperback version. There are very few members from Japan, so besides the 3 starting countries, the contest is expanded to include USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Israel. The deadline is on October 31st.