A dream of human love?

All of us have dreams. But, I dare you to think of a dream that involves just that person and nobody else? There is no such thing. So, what is a dream? Even, what is an American dream? It is a dream of human love and kindness.  Let us support each other’s dreams. That is the only way to make a dream come true.

Just like Houdini, I am a Jew that has escaped from death, so many times.
My skills are not of human being, my dedication drives the human kind.
And there are even copycats of my. They are the best of compliments to my Persona.
That’s right, it’s just persona, and no one ever gonna see the pain I triumph over…..

There is no need to go any further.

No publication or organization knows of another book like this. It is the first and the only book of its kind. So… I’m done with the annoying posts.  What do you think will happen next?  Should be interesting.