Crack open the cover and see the verses bleed.
What someone lived isn’t something one can read.
I repeat. Hear me, I repeat the same, old truth to the same, tired beat.
My personalities split, like Missy and Master, between tears and anger…


‘Up On Me’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“Rainstorm Clouds Over Africa was ringing.
To the rhythm of my dreams, my heart was singing.
Earth was scorched, but heat could never run me.
Melodies would calm me, ’cause the future was upon me.
She was on me, like inspiration on my mind.
Like words you never find, those always matter most.
I remember getting lost while wanting to be found.
I remember mirrored notes, but copies never break the ground…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (

‘Life Goes On (Indefinite Crush)’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“I feel feverish from my mind’s melancholic gibberish.
I couldn’t tell which is which, lust wishes or hopeful dreams.
I longed for wings, to earn my stars on flight of your sun dress.
But, fate is like a calendar you can’t impress.
No matter how we dress, events will always make us look untidy.
Unprepared for what is hiding, or can it be that we don’t want to see?
The ugly that’s in you is by necessity. It also lurks in me.
So, I ignore my rationality and choose to plummet, every time…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (

‘Day Dreaming’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“I daydream in places where hope is a shadow.
It lurks like light traces, like smiles of ghetto.
I stone my bed-fellow, the heart in my chest,
’cause ladies are chasing fake heights with a nest.
I daydream of faces that give me love chills,
but I see cold faces on these damned dollar bills.
They see what appeals, and quantities thrill.
If they have more than others, then, life is fulfilled…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (

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‘We Are The Noise’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“Collaboration celebration, as we live life of noise creation.
Like vegetation, warmed up by sun, cooled off by ocean,
but unlike leaves, we feel another’s heart distortion.
We’re single, but we’re just a portion, proportioned to this world.
We might be in the middle of the warmest motion, while some of us are cold.
So blue and cold, someone is always looking at grey skies.
So bright, was their sunrise but didn’t offer any warmth.
With pain, they shut their eyes, just trying to escape within their minds…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (

‘All That Glitters’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“I’m a rhyme stylist, high on the fly list,
minus the blindness of camera shutters.
Media gutters cannot drain my waters.
I’m free like an ocean, with no scheduled charters.
I’m the magician with special condition.
I can’t kill myself but destroy competition.
Rendition envisioned with ghostly precision.
You can’t see or touch, but your mind sees my vision…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (