Michaels Lyric® early release on eBay

For now, the latest installment of Michaels Lyric is offered exclusively on eBay, dedicated to you!


Michaels Lyric® announcement!

Here is another excerpt from “Am I A Poet, Yet?”

“Can I call myself a poet, and what does that even mean?
I mean, what do you get for it, besides the constant urge to dream?
Are the words I write useful to anyone, or are these rhymes just for self-indulgence?
Will my bars be remembered when I’m gone, or are my verses just a bunch of silly notions?”


This time around, the naming conventions are a little different than my usual. Until now, every new book was named after the title of the latest chapter. In this, next release, the newest chapter is called “Conversations With God,” but the book is titled “Am I A Poet, yet?” Right now, the release is tentatively scheduled for beginning of March of 2018.


This is a momentous announcement from MichaelsLyric.com blog!  The next chapter of the book will be created right in front of you, live.  Yes, as soon as a new piece will be created, it will be posted here!!  You love Poetry, Spoken Word, Hip Hop?  This is as exciting as it gets…  Witness the making of world’s 1st and only book series of its kind……….

Prince said: “Like books and black lives, albums still matter.” is this true? I think that it is, but it seems like one has to look really close to see this…

Michaels Lyric is one of the most innovative books, in the recent human history. Michaels Lyric is a book series that is largely based on black lives and albums. And although the book series is all about innovation and progress, it is also about tradition, something that is unmistakably human. So with tradition in mind, Soular Planes will be released on the same date as was Flow Of Illuminati, June 24…


First Announcement of 2016!

Yes, let’s start with a bang! No, not the big one, just a little smaller…. The series of MichaelsLyric is about to expand. The next book is in the final stages of production. Its name and release date is to be revealed. Stay tuned… literally……….


redirection for MichaelsLyric.com

The domain of michaelslyric.com is now redirecting to a special event. Campaign will start with an announcement of a promotional discount, in the near future. Also, some of the stories behind this book series might be revealed in a special way. However, this blog will remain to be the official home of Michaels Lyric book series. So, stay with me. We can make it happen.