Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata

A child of love that’s unconditional,
give me your heart, and have my soul as yours.
Let go of fear, as all reality is fictional,
and all created for the sake of choice.


You see, I’ve chosen you to be my biggest dream.
Please love yourself, as you are everything I am.
Don’t yell for me, I do not have a name to scream.
But one thing is for sure, for us, I have a plan.


Don’t look for glory in your quests,
and help someone when no one’s watching.
Amazing things aren’t hiding in the treasure chests.
The miracle is you, don’t trade that in, for nothing.


I gave you life, as infinite as ever.
My love, you’re one of my most precious stories.
I run through you and fuel your each endeavor.
Take a deep breath, and hear me whisper magic words… no worries.”

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