Mind Candy #2

Space–travel; the stars have been beckoning humans, ever since we can remember ourselves. Star Trek, Star Wars, and other works of fiction popularized that idea of getting into a space ship and going out of Earth’s atmosphere. All of this sounds quite logical, so much so that it becomes epic, going into the dark, cold space. There is all of this heavy equipment, machinery, some kind of station with artificial gravity, because it is obvious by now that the human heart does not function outside of earth’s gravitational pull. Nowadays, anyone can purchase a telescope. Go ahead, look out there. Do you see anyone out there, “space–traveling?” And yes, there are many reasons you don’t see the activity you would expect, “out there,” but I will give you a clue about the main reason why it looks so empty. Listen, carefully….. “Space–travel” does not happen through “space.”

***Treat this as “mind candy,” meaning, give it a thought, and then go on about your day. This information could be for entertainment. What I am trying to say is… don’t get your mind twisted into a pretzel. Just relax and wonder…..***