Mind Candy #1

Let’s say that what we call a planet Earth is a being, a creature. Would it have a heart, a brain? Where would the heart and the brain be located? What emotions would it have? What, who would be in its thoughts? Can it reproduce? And final question, to really get you out there; does earth reincarnate?

***Treat this as “mind candy,” meaning, give it a thought, and then go on about your day. This information could be for entertainment. What I am trying to say is… don’t get your mind twisted into a pretzel. Just relax and wonder…..***

Happy Halloween )

It is one of my favorite holidays. I don’t even know exactly why. To me, it’s not about death. It’s not about silly, horror movies. It’s not about being frightened. It is a day of wonder, mystery, fantasy. It is a day of harvest colors. It is a day for something wonderful to happen. Enjoy today, be good to each other, and have fun like children without a care.