Into Blue available on Spotify


“The electronic intro is catchy, interesting, and drags the listener’s attention easily. The simple, yet harmonious combination of notes is beautiful, and makes this melody as stand alone tune to be listened everywhere. It has an air of naivete but enough strength to be considered a “mature” song. I truly enjoyed listening to it.”


‘Up On Me’, excerpt from ‘420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars’

“Rainstorm Clouds Over Africa was ringing.
To the rhythm of my dreams, my heart was singing.
Earth was scorched, but heat could never run me.
Melodies would calm me, ’cause the future was upon me.
She was on me, like inspiration on my mind.
Like words you never find, those always matter most.
I remember getting lost while wanting to be found.
I remember mirrored notes, but copies never break the ground…”

@1998-2010 Michael Lerman (