Some News, And A Good-bye……

A new composition, Am I Real is available on iTunes and other music services. There is more, new artwork at my ArtLifting profile. Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is probably the the last book of the Michaels Lyric series. Of course, everything that I have just mentioned can be found in the BOOK, MULTIMEDIA & ARTWORK section of this site.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and throughout this lifetime, I have noticed some things. I am just not sure why. The current, human society is so consumed with customs/folklore/fiction that it had created, we do not want to even, consider anything that is actually real. Have you ever heard a “guru” say that you should “stay in the current moment,” while deep, inside, you know that the human reality (individual and collective) is a self-fulfilling prophecy, to variable degrees of materialization (discovery that started and ended Quantum Physics)? That is all I will say… Good-bye……

Violent relapses, so relentless.
Light and dark mind phases, so restless.
And I almost remember this, as some kind of parallel life prophecies.
All these group biases, as I try not to read the blood-written walls of notices.
You did not coin this.  I taught you these scare tactics, for you be aware of some realities.
Segregated moralities, and now you are using this, playing this to lure me.
But you should know that every time you’re doing this, I let you fool me.
I channel knowledge, school-free, and it is our bloodtype that’s running through me.