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Update on both Contests

Michaels Lyric (Flow Of Illuminati)

This contest is for their current version. The deadline is on September 25th.


Michaels Lyric (420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars)

This contest is for the original, the out of print Paperback version. There are very few members from Japan, so besides the 3 starting countries, the contest is expanded to include USA, Great Britain, Australia, and Israel. The deadline is on October 31st.

GoodReads.com GIVEAWAY, the original Paperback, out of print……….

This particular contest is for a book that is out of print. This is the original, the first Paperback that was written, prepared/designed (interior and exterior), and published just by using Voice Software. There is only a handful of copies left, so this contest is a little tricky. It is available only to residents of Japan, Switzerland, and Monaco. Why Japan? Well, my first, serious songwriting partner was Japanese, Rikiya Masuda. So, this is sort of a tribute. Why Switzerland and Monaco? Well, just sounds interesting, and like I said, this is a little more difficult to win, since this copy is very rare.


Michaels Lyric (420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars)

GoodReads.com GIVEAWAY… one more time……….

Maybe just one more time, and this is for USA and Great Britain.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Michaels Lyric by Michael Lerman

Michaels Lyric

by Michael Lerman

Giveaway ends September 25, 2014.

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at Goodreads.


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Billboard Magazine said, no…..

They have never heard or seen anything like this…..