I am taking a pledge to highlight positivity…

I love you, too, Tyrese. I try to keep anything I post on my blog or my social media outlets positive. As you can see, I don’t get any hits. I appeared in two newspapers, and that didn’t get any reaction, probably because my story is too positive, too inspiring. Sometimes, it’s difficult to continue, ’cause I feel like I am on a deserted island. But, I do go on… Tyrese, I am posting your video. I doubt that it will get any hits, but here it is…..

What am I trying to tell humans, throughout my entire book series, since 1998?

‘Did We?’, from the 1st chapter, Michaels Lyric:


‘Day Dreaming’, from the 2nd chapter, 420 Flowers Behind XVI Bars:


‘I Are’, from the 3rd chapter, Flow Of Illuminati:

“(VERSE 1)
Louder and stronger, we kneel or crawl no longer.
We are the maker and beholder, we shape our fate.
The darkness we illuminate. With heaven stars we paint.
We’re not the faint, just subtle with the point of our power.
No need for wall or tower. We regulate and never hide.
With all our might, we never lose true balance out of sight.
The universal knowledge shines so bright, like rising of the phoenix.
It’s not a battle or a fight. It’s victory assured by winnings.

Move, move and break through.
Groove, groove and light up.
I’m all that is you,
And we can’t be stopped.

Choose, choose, and be as one.
Don’t lose light inside.
What’s here can’t be gone.
What’s now, that’s just right.

Through fantasy and fiction, we live by Cell addiction.
This evolution has its friction, corrupted power, as affliction.
Some see the contradiction. The ONE does not enforce or puts demands.
It only recommends the way of love and trustful peace.
We flow with ease, exist by freedom, love-based ethics,
not by diseased scare-tactics. As gods, we’re playfully naughty.
And yes, we love to party, and we’re inviting everybody.
We are enlightened body. I are illuminati.



‘Ghostwriter (Kinderspiel)’, from the 4th chapter, Soular Planes:


Link to my current book, Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes):
Michaels Lyric (Soular Planes) on Amazon


‘City In The Dust Of My Window’, from the next chapter of my next book:


So what is it that I am trying to say to humans, throughout my entire book series, since 1998? Well, this place that we call “planet Earth,” it is in a region of 3rd density (4th dimension) of this, particular “universe.” This, and other places like Earth, it is classified as Survival System.  Reincarnation is real.  And this… is the “bad” place…..

Still, have love and appreciation in your heart. Treat yourself and others with kindness. With a positive attitude, it makes no difference where you are. By making your decision out of love, you align with Creation; thus, you are always on the correct path!

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek at the next installment of Michaels Lyric! Here is a recap of the 5 new pieces…

City In The Dust Of My Window


Hakuna Matata

Starscapes (All The Shinnies)

This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

City In The Dust Of My Window (Video)

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Performed by Michael Kaiser-Nyman

Michaels Lyric®

This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

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This Kind Of Life Keeps Breaking Your Heart

Conclusions and opinions starting to lose their meanings.
Motivation for the local traffic, the cause and the effect are human beings.
But where are the beginnings?  We’re not just here all of a sudden.
If earth is human’s garden, then survival systems are the weeds.
As morning greets, do I know the reason for which I’m here?
The money?  The career?  All eventually will disappear and turn to dust
Do still in green we trust more that we do in our family and friends?
The News is showing kill and profit trends, till profit turns to trendy art.
We say that all is well, but it’s kind of lite that breaks your heart.
I’ll charge depleted credit card and pop a pill from local Pharma, to silence karma.
To take my mind off drama, I’ll buy a trinket made by my Asian buddies,
fill my tank with the oil from the Saudis, go home and watch L.A.’S self indulgent parties.
We’re not civilians if we have armies, not civilized if children fade away because of lack.
The sponsors scream that we are on right track, but all I see are roads that lead to blood and sorrow.
The path to golden age tomorrow, I don’t think you can build that kind of path from gold.
As long as there is interest on borrowed, there will be taking back by those with hearts so cold.”

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Work in progress 4.11.2017

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“Conclusions and opinions starting to lose their meanings.
Motivation for the local traffic, the cause and the effect are human beings.
But where are the beginnings?  We’re not just here all of a sudden.
If earth is human’s garden, then survival systems are the weeds.”

@Michaels Lyric®

Starscapes (All The Shinies)

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Starscapes (All The Shinies)

I think that I remember you, however much my human memory can hold.
From outside, I’m looking into blue, so curious, so unafraid and bold.
So new and yet, so old, I’m mesmerized by sweet and sticky, earthly vibes.
You guaranteed that I’ll survive, but I had not a clue what will become of me.
And yes, I am alive but feels like years of light away from where I want to be.
They beckon me, the starry fields.  Their tones of light, somehow imbedded into me.
The subatomic sea, it’s weaved and crafted into nature that is I.
By absolute design, a love that’s unconditional is turned into free will.
With all the senses, I became so deaf and blind, so dense to what is really real.
It’s subtle and surreal, the song of starscapes, through my spine I feel.
The sound of no fear, it warms and tears me up with beauty, almost too painful to comprehend.
Please hold my hand, as I expand and reconnect into the wisdom of black holes.
Amidst Intergalactic shores, the vastness of our love astounds.
Unstoppable Creation glows and grows, imaginary are all bounds.
From titles and their crowns, I break away through crack within subconscious mind.
And then I know that all the shinnies, they’re with my soul entwined.”

Michaels Lyric®