I am taking a pledge to highlight positivity…

I love you, too, Tyrese. I try to keep anything I post on my blog or my social media outlets positive. As you can see, I don’t get any hits. I appeared in two newspapers, and that didn’t get any reaction, probably because my story is too positive, too inspiring. Sometimes, it’s difficult to continue, ’cause I feel like I am on a deserted island. But, I do go on… Tyrese, I am posting your video. I doubt that it will get any hits, but here it is…..

Inquire Truth promo


A dream of human love?

All of us have dreams. But, I dare you to think of a dream that involves just that person and nobody else? There is no such thing. So, what is a dream? Even, what is an American dream? It is a dream of human love and kindness.  Let us support each other’s dreams. That is the only way to make a dream come true.