Few years ago, I was on one of the online, poetry forums. On top of the front page of this forum, there quotes scrolling, from well known people. I can’t remember exactly, but one of the quotes went something like this, “releasing a poetry book and to expect an impact is like throwing a feather into a canyon, expecting a loud sound…” And right there, I said, no! I will not succumb to this mentality!! My book is going to be one of the most known books in the human history. It makes no difference that I cannot walk, or even speak properly. I will keep going until my last breath in this body.

Soular Planes, the first and only book of its kind, coming June 24th…..



Breathe in the oxygen to feed that fire inside,
cool it off with a thought of logic,
let the steam rise, condense and fall back down,
to irrigate crops of ideas and concepts.

Read the original story on page 117…  Soular Planes, to be released on June 24…..

Prince said: “Like books and black lives, albums still matter.” is this true? I think that it is, but it seems like one has to look really close to see this…

Michaels Lyric is one of the most innovative books, in the recent human history. Michaels Lyric is a book series that is largely based on black lives and albums. And although the book series is all about innovation and progress, it is also about tradition, something that is unmistakably human. So with tradition in mind, Soular Planes will be released on the same date as was Flow Of Illuminati, June 24…